IIV Workshop on Sp_ToBI
Transcription of Intonation of the Spanish Language June 19, 2009

Invited speaker: Dr Timothy Face ( University of Minnesota ) and Dr José Ignacio Hualde ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Commentator: Dr Martine Grice ( Cologne University ).

Organizer: Dr. Pilar Prieto (ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra).



1. Description.



The purpose of this workshop, which will take place in conjunction with the Conference Phonetics and Phonology in Iberia 2009 (PaPI 2009), is to advance in the development of a common transcription system for Spanish within the Tones and Break Indices (ToBI) framework. As a result of the first Sp_ToBI workshop held in October 1999, Beckman, Díaz-Campos, McGory & Morgan (2002) published a preliminary set of tagging conventions for Spanish ToBI (Sp_ToBI).


While the preliminary Sp_ToBI transcription system proposed by Beckman et al. (2002) was a very important first step, in recent years several revision articles have been published (Face 2006, Face & Prieto 2007, Estebas & Prieto 2009). Before a consensus system is proposed, it is important to achieve a common analysis of Spanish intonation within the AM model of intonational phonology that takes into account a wide range of data coming from the dialectal differences across Spanish varieties.


The main goal of this workshop is to advance in the proposal of a consensus analysis of Spanish intonation by taking into account data from different dialectal varieties. The workshop will have the format of a series of open discussions led in each case by a participant or group of participants who will briefly show the basic contrasts of a given dialectal variety and will provide a set of problematic examples for this variety. Participants from different Spanish dialectal areas are encouraged to participate.


Presentations will briefly analyze whether the abovementioned Sp_ToBI proposals are able to handle and cover the basic intonational contrasts found in the dialect (including more sentence types than the broad focus statements and informational yes-no questions) (approximately 10-15 mins). After this, the presentation will be based on the open discussion of labelled sound files (break, tones) illustrating some potential specific problems of analysis that the dialect poses and discussing a new labeling proposal. These sound files, included in the ppt presentations, will be distributed to all participants prior to the workshop, so that differences in analysis and labeling can be contrasted.


Researchers interested in participating in the workshop, please write to pilar.prieto@uab.cat. Abstracts should be sent by MARCH 15, 2009.




Beckman, M.; Díaz-Campos, M.; McGory, J.T. & Morgan, T.A. (2002): «Intonation across Spanish, in the Tones and Break Indices framework», Probus, 14, 9-36.


Face, T.; Prieto, P. (2007): «Rising accents in Castilian Spanish: a revision of Sp_ToBI», Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 6.1, 117-146.


Estebas Vilaplana, E.; Prieto, P. (2009). «La notación prosódica en español. Una revisión del Sp_ToBI». Estudios de Fonética Experimental XVIII, pp. 263-283.




2. Programme.




"The metrical tier in Spanish intonation"

José Ignacio Hualde ( University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)



“Alignment and scaling in Spanish intonation:

Recent findings and their implications for Sp_ToBI”

Timothy Face ( University of Minnesota )



  Central Peninsular Spanish

Pilar Prieto (ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Eva Estebas (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia)



Cantabrian Spanish

Miguel Cuevas & María Jesús López

(Universidad de Oviedo)



Canary Islands Spanish
Mercedes Cabrera & Francisco Vizcaíno
(Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)



  Andean Spanish

Erin O’Rourke

( University of Pittsburgh )



Coffee Break



Argentinean Spanish

Laura Colantoni ( University of Toronto )

Ingo Feldhausen ( Hamburg University )

Christoph Gabriel ( Hamburg University )

Leopoldo Labastía (Universidad de Comahue)

Valeria Arana (Universidad de Comahue)

Bettiana Blázquez (Universidad de Comahue)

Alejandra Dabrowski (Universidad de Comahue)

Mónica Vázquez (Universidad de Comahue)

Su-Ar Lee (University of Florida)

Andrea Pesková ( Hamburg University )



Chilean Spanish

Lluïsa Astruc (Open University - University of Cambridge)

Héctor Ortiz-Lira (Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación – Universidad de Santiago de Chile)

Marcela Fuentes (Universidad Cardenal Silva Henríquez)



Mexican Spanish

Carme de-la-Mota (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Pilar Prieto (ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra)


13:05 –13:30

Puerto Rican Spanish

Meghan Armstrong

( Ohio State University )



Final comments

Martine Grice

( Cologne University )